To get to know Kefalonia it is not enough to see its beaches. You have to visit 
the places that make it different from the rest of the islands. The natural attractions 
created over the years such as Melissani and Drogarati,
the ancient ones left to us by our ancestors such as the Roman villa in Skala, but also 
more recent buildings that are part of our cultural heritage such as the Monastery of Agios Gerasimos.

Lighthouse of Agioi Theodoroi

It was created in 1828 by 
by the English commander Charles Napier, 
rebuilt in 1863
with the union of the Ionian Islands 
and once more in 1960, after the 
after the devastating earthquake of 1953.

Castle of Assos

In 1593 Ambrose Cornelius Cornelius 
decides to transfer the 
military administration to the north
side of Kefalonia, more 
closer to the sea. The project 
was undertaken by Marinos Gentinis 
and the construction took three years. 
The purpose was to repel 
against attacks by the Ottomans 
and pirates.

Monastery of Saint Gerasimos

The Monastery of Saint Gerasimos is located 
in Omalas, built on the 
on the old monastery and the ascension 
of the Saint. The skeleton of the Saint. 
is kept in the monastery.

Drogarati Cave

The cave of Drogarati is a 
a natural sculpture. The stalactites 
and stalagmites that decorate it, 
give a magnificent picture, while 
because of its excellent acoustics 
it has become from time to time a place 
for concerts.

Cave of Melissani

The cave of Melissani is one of the 
one of the most famous in the world, 
as the earthquakes that plague 
Kefalonia over the centuries 
have managed to develop one of the 
underground currents that run through it.

DeBosset Bridge

The longest stone bridge 
in the world (689.9) is located 
in Argostoli since 1813. It was built 
by the Swiss governor and 
engineer of the island
Charles de Beauchet.


The sinkholes got their name
from the geological phenomenon where
water enters a fissure
of the ground and exits through 
another. In the case of the 
Kefalonia the water crosses the whole island,
 starting in the west (Argostoli)
 and cutting across to the east (Sami).

Argostoli from above


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