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Lacy beaches, turquoise waters, graphical little villages full of green, unique routes with amazing scene alternations.

The natural beauties attract many greek and foreign tourists, especially during the summer. The slopes of the Ainos mountain, planted with the rare variety of the Cephalonian fir-tree, the enchanting and clean beaches, the landscapes with verdurous plantation, lakes with phantasmagoric caves as well as areas with naked rocks, alternate their images and offer a charming variety. Kefalonia island is a place that leaves no one unimpressed.

"Island of oddity" have calles it because is has so many strange and rare phenomena (mainly geological features).

We also have to note that those geological phenomena are unique at the islands of Ionion sea and especially Katavothres is a uinique phenomenon in the world where the waters enter from one side of the island and exit from the other.

Kefalonia is an island of incomparable beauty. For sure it is one of the most suggested destinations for the visitor.


Places you can visit:

  • Droggarati Cave
  • Open lake-cave of Melissani
  • National protected park of Ainos
  • Kyklopeia Teixi (Cyclop Walls) - Razata village
  • Katavothres - Argostoli
  • Agion Theodoron Lighthouse - Saint Theodores Lighthouse
  • Argostoli Folklore Museum
  • Natural History Museum at Davgata village
  • Monastery of Saint Gerasimos - Omala
  • Myrtos beach
  • Tomb of Ulysses at Tzanata village




Folklore Festivals:

  • 20 July - Prophiti Ilia at Razata village
  • 15 August - Virgin Mary (Markopoulo, Arginia where you can see the appearance of the holy snakes of Virgin Mary)
  • 16 August - Saint Gerasimos at Omala
  • 20 October - Saint Gerasimos
  • 25 July - Saint Anna at Lakithra village


Church of San Gerasimo


Usefull telephone numbers:

Port authority of Argostoli: +30 26710 22224

Port authority of Killini: +30 26230 92211

Port authority of Fiskardo: +30 26740 41400





The island has taken it's name from an ancient myth.

The myth talks about Kefalos who didn't respond to the love of goddess Io and she made him suspicious for his wife Prokris in revenge. Thus he appeared veiled in front of Prokris and he make her his mistress. When Kefalos revealed his identity, Prokris run away in tears. Therefore turned to the love of the goddess.

When Prokris found out, full of jealousness, begun to secretly look after him. During a hunt she hide behind a bush. Kefalos saw the bush moving and thinking it's an animal he throu an arrow and he killed Prokris.

Unconsoled he self-exiled away from Attiki. By helping Amfitrion in the battles against Tilevoes and Tafiois, he earned his sympathy and gratitude. For that Amfitrion gave him as a reward the island that took his name.